Why is Healthy Eating Important?

Do you suffer from headaches, tiredness after eating, lack of energy or many health problems? Are you looking for natural stress, anxiety relief? If so, now is the time to aim for holistic nutrition in your life through the very foods you stock in your fridge and pantry. Did you know that eating healthy boosts vitality, energy, and provides clear skin and less sick days?

Healthy nutrients also give us the best chance for good health in an increasingly polluted world. If you’re eating mostly sugar, salt, and other chemically engineered foods, at the end of the lengthy digestion period, your body gets back very little nutrition for all its trouble and you’re exhausted.

How many of these engineered foods are you eating?

-Peanut butter with added icing sugar and hydrogenated oil

-Ketchup laced with sugar

-Soy sauce made with caramel, sugar and salt

-Highly heated oil based products, such as; cooking oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise.

(Read the list of chemicals on these items and know that the oils have been heated to very high temperatures to assure a long shelf life-unless the bottle says “cold pressed”)

-Items containing aspartame; soda pop, desserts, yogurt, sweeteners

-Junk food snacks-potato chips, pretzels, licorice, chocolate bars

-White flour products- pizza, cakes, pastries, waffles, pancakes, crackers, bread

-Processed cheeses, many of the energy bars that contain mostly sugar

-Processed whipped cream or other toppings with not a trace of cream – mostly chemicals

If a great deal of the foods you eat are found in the above list, and your health is suffering- it’s time to make some changes. Aim for healthy nutrients to reduce cholesterol instead of eating non-foods. Change the brands you’re buying. Better yet, use no brands.

Facts about healthy eating.

From the beginning of time, basic life-giving food has been used to nourish human beings. Bodies need proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and water to ensure a steady supply of vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients. The mitochondria-your energy factory in each cell of your body, depends on nutrients to power it.

Unfortunately, many foods on your grocery shelf have added sugar, salt and chemicals-mostly for taste (and shelf life). According to Health Departments, Heart & Stroke Foundations and Cancer Societies, we need to limit processed, fast food items for better health.

While a little won’t harm you, many children and adults alike are making a steady diet of non-foods. People get hooked on the taste of many unhealthy fats, refined grains, too much sugar-then they’re dealing with powerful addictions that are difficult to break. More than that, the body and brain don’t know what to do with all these engineered chemicals and fats. Also, you may be missing many healthy nutrients found in fruits and vegetables-antioxidant champs. These powerful substances give our bodies vitality and protection against diseases.

Too much sugar used in our society has become the norm. Excess sugar lowers your immune system and can cause cholesterol problems and diabetes. Become a prudent shopper and choose higher quality items that are free of additives from companies dedicated to healthier products. Become a label reader. Feed your body as well as you feed your pets!

Information on eating healthy

Get back to basics. Choose a variety of foods to ensure a large range of vitamins and minerals.

* Whole grain products-wheat, spelt, whole rye, brown rice breads cereals, crackers or pastas, oatmeal, air popped popcorn.

* Proteins such as fish, chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, yogurt, low fat cheeses, soy products, eggs, plain yogurt, Canned tuna or salmon provide ample protein.

* An array of plant foods; vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans

* Healthy fat foods – olive oil, butter, olives, avocados, natural peanut or almond butter. Only small amounts are necessary.

Just simplify your eating habits. If you can afford organic products, go for it! They lower the load of chemicals entering your body. Choose natural foods to lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

For the best nutrition health benefits, take charge of your eating habits and switch to pure, simple, yet life-giving foods. Aim for body, mind healing through holistic nutrition and you’ll shape up your life.