Allure of Almond basic facts of almonds

I remember my childhood, specially the exam time , when my mother give me almond with milk in the morning and says that it helps you to keep alert and specially almond sharpen your mind and memory. And it really happens. Almonds or Badam as we call them in India.

Though the years we have discovered that almond have many other honorable qualities. Besides being used as a garnish in for everything from muffins to halwa, milk and lassi, almonds are basic ingredients of any sweets in india like khoya burfi and Boondi ka ladoo.
But before we begin to wax lyrical about the almond, lets backtrack for a little bit of history about the wonder nut.

Almond have also been one of the earliest cultivated foods, originating in Western Asia. From here they were taken to Greece, Turkey and middle east. Jews regards almonds as the symbolic part of the dinner that breaks the Yom Kippur. In India, Its customery at weddings to give five suger-coated almonds to signify the five qualities of happy marriage – health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

Almonds have been always favourite in Indian kitchen much before the health benefits of almonds was discovered. In India , a basket of nuts – almond , cashew, pistachio and apricot are must in a Diwali festival gifts. From Shreekhand to Sheera and Thandai to Malai-kulfi, almonds add a rich taste to the food.

The crunch and hardy bite of almond gives you eat less and eat healty.
Some of the famous almond recipe are Badam phirni, Rogan Josh, Almond muffins.

Healthy Diet and Clever Eating Plan

Studies of people who are overweight indicate that losing weight requires a person to follow two basic rules, which are a specific diet on the one hand and increased physical activity on the other hand. However, besides these two are additional helpful conditions, which will help maintain the achieved results in the long term.

One such condition is eating four times a day. It may seem a contradiction and make you think that eating four times a day will do no good to lose weight. However, it is an important condition in addition to the main one, namely in support of a specific diet. The essence of the latter is to separate different food types that belong into different classes, such as proteins (meat, fish, eggs, and cottage cheese) that should be eaten separately from carbs (fruits, vegetables, and grains). Eating four times a day will prevent hunger, and it will also help to avoid overeating.

It happens quite often that a person who is following a diet is afraid of feeling hungry, thinking that it would affect one’s daily activities. But there is no need to be afraid of this. The feeling of hunger will not be a problem if a person follows the other two simple but effective advices, namely chewing the food properly and finishing the meal when the stomach is not yet fully satisfied. Chewing properly is important as it supports the adequate salivation of the food, and it makes you feel full 10-15 minutes after you have finished your meal. The feeling of “still being hungry” is thus eliminated within a short time.

Learn How to Avoid These Weight Loss Myths

So you want to lose weight but you just can’t see yourself eating all that healthy junk that the health experts including your doctor tells you should be eating. Sure, you need to lose a pound or two but for crying out loud, do you really have to forget about that juicy mouth water cheese burger, and that succulent steak, and oh how you love that cheesecake.

Just thinking about it have made you come to one conclusion: What is the point of living if you are going to be deprived of the very foods that taste so darn good? Maybe you will consider this weight loss idea another day, right now all you can think of is that slice of cake that is calling your name.

Most people hesitate or even resist the idea of going on a weight loss plan because they think that they will have to give up all the foods that they love. But rest assured that is not the whole truth.

One surefire myth is that you hear that you will no longer be able to snack. You should snack; this is recommended because by you snacking it will cause you to eat less at the next meal. Most experts will tell you that instead of eating three meals a day, try to break it up into five smaller meals.

You can snack but you just have to make a healthier choice. Instead of having that candy bar you might want to consider a those baby carrots. Might not be so tasty but just start eating them and soon you will get a taste for them. Try eating new fruits that you have never tried before instead of reaching for that bag of chips.

Maybe when you go that fast food chain you might not be able to order the cheeseburger, fries, soda and all the other dessert that you normally have. But once you are there, you could order a salad instead of your normal meal; go for the grilled chicken over that deep fried chicken. And if you do get a salad, try not to indulge into the bacon, crotons and salad dressing in large portions. Cut it in two and have only a half of the portion.

And remember you can always have a healthy burger at home. Chose grass-fed burger meat with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes and low-fat cheese on whole wheat buns and maybe a home made healthy dressing rather than the calories laden mayonnaises.

You have heard so many times that if you want to lose weight you should stay away from carbohydrates. All carbohydrates are not bad for your diet. You should be avoiding carbs that have been processed. How will you know if it has been processed? These bad carbs are usually found in foods high in sugar and white flour.

This myth has been going around so much that it has almost become a truth. The myth that you can eat what you want all you have to do is exercise regularly and you should never have to worry about weight loss again. If you are not eating healthy and you keep exercising, you are just at the same spot spinning your wheels. And don’t for get this little thing called your metabolism. If it gets foods that slows it down it will not perform at its peak, thus you will not see weight loss but rather weight gain.

Remember that your age plays a significant role in this process too. And you want to take on a healthy lifestyle, not try to trick your body. Bad foods will always be bad for your health and sooner than later you will see the results of poor eating habits.

Even though you might be afraid to give up some of your foods, remember that you can always prepare a healthier version of these foods at home. And who knows you might just get to love that burger with whole grain buns rather than those plain old white buns.