Make It Easier and Healthier for Feeding Your Big or Large Size Dog

You can make is much easier on your dog when it comes to eating. Some dogs you can leave their food out for them, and they do not over eat. Other dogs may over eat until they get bloat, or they gobble it down super fast, and have gas problems and more serious problems.

To find out how much your dog should be eating, you should check with your vet. You could also measure your dogs food, and then feed him or her twice a day. If they eat the whole bowl, give them more next time, if they don’t eat it all, give them less each time. You could measure it, and then come up with the right amount for your dog for each meal.

For dogs that gobble down their food so fast, the pet supply places, sell dog bowls that have inserts in the bowl, so the dog would have to slow down to eat. You would never want to give your dog just one meal a day. You should feed them twice a day, and at the same time each day, so they can count on their schedule, just like people seem to love, breakfast, lunch and dinner!

For large size dogs, it is harder on them, and their joints when they have to bend over, to get their head down to the ground, to get a drink of water, and that is bad for their joints, especially if they are young still. Some pet supply stores sell water and food bowls, that go in a stand and make it higher off the ground, and that makes it easier for your puppy or dog to swallow, as their body is more parallel to the ground while eating.

A raised water and eating bowl, will make your dog more comfortable when eating, and it’s especially great if they have muscle or joint problems, and you won’t your dog to have a happy and healthy life.

Just like people, so dogs don’t drink enough water sometimes. If you can get your dog to drink more water, it will be much better and healthier for them. You can get one of the bowls from the pet supply stores, that gives a continuous supply of cool water, and your dog might enjoy it even more!