Healthy Weight Loss by Manipulating Your Body’s Fat Burning Intensity

Manipulating your body to burn more calories can help you lose weight.

I recently came across something interesting regarding weight loss programs. We can give it a name and call it “Play tricks on your body and lose weight in doing so”.

What is this all about? The main idea is that you carefully select the food you eat – based on three different types of calories, namely protein, carbohydrates, and fats. By manipulating the first two – proteins and carbohydrates, and by selecting appropriate foods which contain these two types of calories, and by following a systematic eating schedule of 4 meals a day, you can “naturally” lose weight, without fasting and other types of self-torture. “Naturally” here means that you do not have to do things that might harm your body, but instead you “program” your metabolism in a way that it will start burning fat by self-stimulation.

Another important aspect is that the body pays attention to the intake of calories per meal and NOT per day. Therefore if you spread out your meals during the day with specific time intervals, you can “trick” your body into burning more fat than usual. Of course, this must be done consistently and with discipline, which means that one has to want to succeed. Without the right mindset as a basis, no diet and no weight loss program will succeed. That would simply be self-deception to believe otherwise.

Without a desire and a minimum level of determination and discipline you cannot succeed. Full stop.