Healthy Diet and Clever Eating Plan

Studies of people who are overweight indicate that losing weight requires a person to follow two basic rules, which are a specific diet on the one hand and increased physical activity on the other hand. However, besides these two are additional helpful conditions, which will help maintain the achieved results in the long term.

One such condition is eating four times a day. It may seem a contradiction and make you think that eating four times a day will do no good to lose weight. However, it is an important condition in addition to the main one, namely in support of a specific diet. The essence of the latter is to separate different food types that belong into different classes, such as proteins (meat, fish, eggs, and cottage cheese) that should be eaten separately from carbs (fruits, vegetables, and grains). Eating four times a day will prevent hunger, and it will also help to avoid overeating.

It happens quite often that a person who is following a diet is afraid of feeling hungry, thinking that it would affect one’s daily activities. But there is no need to be afraid of this. The feeling of hunger will not be a problem if a person follows the other two simple but effective advices, namely chewing the food properly and finishing the meal when the stomach is not yet fully satisfied. Chewing properly is important as it supports the adequate salivation of the food, and it makes you feel full 10-15 minutes after you have finished your meal. The feeling of “still being hungry” is thus eliminated within a short time.