Forget MLM – Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise With Body Balance

The simplicities of good nutrition are easy to understand, what you will find hard to understand is just how are you going to consume your 7 full course servings of fruits and vegetables that are nutritionally required to maintain good health, every day? The only realistic answer is body balancing dietary supplements. There are also additional requirements which also must be met in order to remove the acidity of the body’s fluids and maintain the happy equilibrium leading ultimately to a happier life.

This article will examine one of the aspects of good health that can be easily met with Body Balance and it’s sisters OsteOmegaCare and OsteoProCare by Life Force International.

The first requirement to be met by the dietary supplement plan is that the nutrients must be available for use by the body. You may have previously read somewhere that not all dietary supplements are created equal. Meaning the absorption rate of the vitamins and minerals should be high, verses the excretion of the nutrients. With that said, after many years of scientific research on the subject of balancing the body with good nutrition, the evidence has found that the best vitamin and mineral absorption from any supplement is in liquid form.

Here’s the thing, when we eat a lot of processed foods, we don’t ingest the live enzymes needed to break down food, which causes our digestive system to use a lot more energy to digest and assimilate the nutrients. Guess what, poor digestive, assimilation and elimination wares on our bodily systems which ultimately leads to countless illnesses.

We must gain an adequate mineral supply to maintain a balance between internal and external pressures of the body cells called “osmotic equilibrium.” This state must be maintained for normal cell function and continued youthful health. The body does not absorb Pill/rock minerals and only assimilates about 10% into your system, making it imperative to take ocean/sea based minerals for 99% absorption!

The vitamin and mineral rich Body Balance, by Life Force International, offers over 121 vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, ultra trace minerals, amino acids and live enzymes from a natural, whole food plant based (phytonutrient) source –sea veggies. Brown sea vegetables gently detoxes while the red and green fortify and renew our immune system, cells and blood. The greater absorption comes from combining essential minerals with Aloe Vera to gently cleanse the small intestine. This is very important for our general happy feeling, believe it or not. When we suffer from brain fog, poor concentration, anxiety, depression and low energy…all due to poor digestion, assimilation, elimination from processed food (build up) and inadequate amounts of important body balancing nutrients.

In the next article of this series, I’ll explain in more detail just how the Body Balance sisters OsteoProCare and OsteOmegaCare and the enhanced concentration of Calcium will lead to a fully protected body, ph balanced, and energized to seek out the wealth and wisdom that it can help you accrue.